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Not sure if this is the correct place because it is regarding software?? but it is to do with the mobo!

i went on to Gigabytes website to check for driver updates/utility updates, and saw that there was a newer version of Dynamic Energy Saver. So i did as they always advise and i uninstalled my previous version, reset the computer and then downloaded the file from -

upon begining to install the file i get a message;

"This MotherBoard doesn't support Easy Energy Saver. Setup will be abort."

Obviously i didnt want easy energy saver! i wanted dynamic energy saver... the strange thing is, is that the setup file is called "motherboard_utility_des_advanced"

So, i guess this is a fault of Gigabyte for putting a wrong link up???

The thing is now i am left with no energy saver :-@

I guess i will have to email Gigabyte, but has anyone else experienced this?
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  1. I've had that happen to me before. Could also be your windows version or your cpu doesn't work with it.
  2. no, it was just a bad link - now fixed
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