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I have a 46" Samsung LCD television connected to a cable company converter box using the TV's HDMI input. The picture is cut off and you especially notice it on sports channels and programs when information displayed at the top or bottom of the screen is cut off. The "Zoom1" and "Zoom2" options are grayed out and not available in the Samsung "Picture Options" menu. I'm just trying to find out how to truly fit the entire picture to the screen. Could it be just a Samsung LCD TV setting or a cable box setting or a combination of both? While this is not a PC related issue (just a TV that is not connected to a PC), I wanted to check this community for input. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  1. What you have to do is set the res to 1920x1080, then restart the computer. This will allow the tv to adjust to the resolution on boot.

    If this does not work, switch your tv to a mode other than hdmi, then back. It should auto ajust to the res of the screen.
  2. I know my TV cuts off the top/bottom if I use the default 'zoom' view; I have to use the 'full' view to get the whole picture.
  3. I have exactly the same problem with this TV. When it has occurred on my Sony, I was able to fix it, but I don't know what to do here. Is this a problem for the cable company?
  4. 32 inch Samsung LCD here. Same problem.
  5. Yeah the picture setting should have a just scan/overscan/full or something option somewhere in the menu's on the TV, I'd also check if you can set what your cable box is outputting whether it is 480i or something that is undesirable. Again this is all burred in the menu's of both things should be fun to find :D
  6. I had a similar (same?) problem with my Samsung TV. It was fixed by the "HD Zoom" button on my cable remote.
  7. OK I fixed my picture by pressing the FORMAT button on my direct tv remote. FANTASTIC because my warranty just ran out and I was looking at big bucks to fix.
  8. I have 47" LG LCD has the same problem, the Zoom or Full format does not correct the problem. Any idea? Thanks.

    BTW. I just located more helpful information, and hope it will work when I try it tonight.
  9. I have the same problem on my 56" Samsung DLP TV. I am using FIOS as my cable provider and they washed their hands off. I called Samsung people and they told me that I would have to pay some body to repair it, as my warranty had ran out. This only happens when I am connected with HDMI mode. If I switch it to "over the air" broadcast, I do not have this problem. I also do not have any problem when I watch DVD. My Zoom function on the TV remote or FIOS remote is of no help. I had tried the Format function on the FIOS remote, changing it to various formats has no effect. Any suggestions?
  10. Solution: Same problem here for HDMI display from TV cable box. If all settings in the TV (mine being Samsung) are correct, then look at the settings for the CABLE SET TOP BOX. I had a view setting that was set to "ZOOM" when it should have been "NORMAL". Not sure how that setting got changed, but that solved the issue.
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