Sony Sata Optiarc DVD burner w/LightScribe 7241S-0B


I am looking for any feedback on the Sony Optiarc DVD burner w/LightScribe. I have just purchased one for my Dell XPS 400/9150 as a replacement upgrade drive and has hoping to hear from the forum as far as end user feedback on the unit. I should have plenty of HD space and Ram to support the unit really was hoping this may shave a bit of $$ off of my ink usage for my home office which has become staggering. I think i've waited long enough for the technology to become stable

Thanks again to the community in advance for the help and support...

Current Config:

Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Model Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz

Hard Drive
Drive Size Free Space Utilized
C: 931.36 Gb 749.92 Gb 19 %

D: 931.51 Gb 690.25 Gb 26 %

Video Adapters
Model Memory
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256 Mb

Total 4096 Mb
Available 64 %

Slot Size Speed Type
Slot 1 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown
Slot 2 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown
Slot 3 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown
Slot 4 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown

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  1. Community:

    I have installed both the Sony Optiarc DVD burner w/LightScribe but cannot get the sytem to recognize the Two drives at the time of DUBBING over to the CD rom. I thinks its one and the sma edrive. Im using iTunes as my burner.

    Any help or guidence will be appreciated.

    TY in advance

  2. Works great all with the Sure thing lable maker with litescribe.
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