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So my ati hd 4850 x2 runs normally but, when i play games it freezes the game and i have to restart the comp. im sure i have the right drivers for my gpu , and i have catalyst 9.7 for windows vista ultimate x64 (not activated i don't know if activating it matters!! )

pc specs :
quad 9550
msi p45-8d
psu : 650 thermaltake
gpu : 4850 x2 2gb
4gb ddr2 ram
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  1. Check your temps while gaming, then report back.
  2. so the temp was around 78 C and GPU was around 95% used !! dam its brand new and the problems has started :(
  3. get a new case and a couple of fans, your case probably doesn't have enough airflow.
  4. no it has good airflow i figured it out its the fans Speed ,
  5. Well, 75c isn't really that bad to be honest with you. What Catalyst are you using ?
  6. im using catalyst 9.7 for windows vista x64 i figured the problem its not the temp or something its because catalyst cc shows that i have a crossfire on ... so i disabled it and everything went good , but now only one of my 2 gpus work :( how can i activate both of them without using that crossfire thing ( i have one grafix card 2 gpus you propably know )
  7. Hmmm which brand card do you have, sapphire ?

    I may be completely wrong about this but I think Sapphire makes their own drivers for the 4850X2, why don't you check their site for drivers? Again if I'm wrong I hope somebody will say something but give that a try.
  8. No guys i know am respoding late but the problem is that the MOBO does'nt support Crossfirex Technology so i can't activate the two gpus in 4850 x2 if i activate them both the games freezs ( mobo = MSI p45-8d )
  9. No, the cf happens within the card, it never gets "to" the mobo
    How about your ram or the cpu temps?
    Have you checked you ram with memtest?
    Also, what games? More than 1 I guess?
  10. Ok look when i let Catalyst cc enable crossfire the games freezs so what do ya think ?!!? if i don't enable it itll show that theres one primary gpu and one disabled gpu , and i checked if my msi p45 supports CF and i didn't find anything so if i don't solve this problem ill change to asus P5Q DELUXE for 30$ . and theres big difference in FPS when CFX is enableb for example :

    COD 4 :
    normal : max fps is 112
    CFX mod : max 256 fps and it can reach up to 300 fps with the new catalyst drivers .
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