I've been lately thinking to buy this motherboard. What's your opinion on it?
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  1. its a good board great for overclocking
  2. Great, but don't expect a lot from either USB3 or SATA3...

    ...they have no real-world performance advantage (in fact, the Marvell controller is significantly slower than the 'old-school' ICH)...

    ...there are no devices to take advantage of them (but may be worth-while as 'future-proofing)...

    ...1156 platform is already 'shy' PCIe lanes, you certainly don't want to 'waste' them...
  3. I used that board is 2 recent system builds and it works great. many overclocking options, highly recommended.
  4. Hey I know that thread is quite old but I would like to buy this mobo and I have question:

    razor512 did you test this mobo with ESXi 4? I would like install ESXi 4 and use VT-d (VMDirectPath) on it. What do you think about it? Did you test it?

    Sorry for my bad english
  5. +1 to bilbat

    And remember that the USB 3.0 is only supported when you don't have Crossfire enable.
  6. Thanks :sol:

    USB3 may soon become useful - a number of 3 spec devices have already been shown at the recent Hannover CeBIT show; SATA3 may be a long time giving us any 'real-world' benefits, and certainly not with the currently available Marvell implementation:
    My advice: when you see an Intel southbridge supporting them, it's time to 'take the leap' [:bilbat:2]
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