4970! Help Plz :(

Hey guys! i've been having a problem, when ever i turn my pc on from a cold boot(when pc has been off for a few mins) i get a black screen i get nothing on my screen untill im at my desktop like the screen stays black then suddently turns on and i see my wallpaper icons, etc... i dont see a post ,loading windows etc.. when i turn the pc off quickly turn it back on it posts and all and i see the loading so only does this from a cold boot !... ive took my pc apart put everything back together no luck.. tried different dvi port no luck also tried vga cabel still same problem different drivers.. etc.. none of it worked. also ive tried 3 different monitors and it all works fine from cold boot so im starting to think its my monitor then i tried this monitor on my wife's pc and it works for her on cold boot! so its not my monitor i dont know what it is now =/ im starting to think my ati doesn't like my monitor? is anything faulty? or they just dont like each other? ive tried monitor drivers too btw- monitor is a 23inch lcd widescreen hannspree brand name. my pc is :
Intel Core 2 Quad 9400
4gb ddr 2
500gb HDD
Asus motherboard
600 watt psu with enough amps volts on the 12rail
also both 6pins are plugged into the vid card its not that...
like i said .. different monitors works fine on my ati.. but not mine monitor and weird thing is the monitor is fine because it works fine on my wifes :S so confusing i have no clue what it is .. brand new vid card btw.. i dont wanna rma cause i dont think its broken.. any thoughts ? sorry for the long post... - NEED UR HELP GUYS =)
oh forgot to say that i also reset the bios cleared cmos tried windows vista 64bit and windows 7 64bit - no luck
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  1. Considering the fact that this occurs without Windows, we can disregard it as a software issue. Changing drivers won't do anything.

    It appears that your monitor is the issue. When you tried it on different computers, did you let your monitor "cold boot" too? (meaning leave it sit for an extended period of time - the same amount of time required to produce the problem on your PC)
  2. Yes i left it off for a while , and it worked fine , also the monitor works fine if i put in a diff video card in my pc. im starting to think that big monitors wont work on my ati 4870 all the monitors that i tried on my pc are small and old and they work.. but then again the monitor is fine it works on other computers and cards just not on my 4870 :( and other monitors works fine on my 4870 so what is it? my radeon just simply doesn't like my monitor should i rma anything? i dont want too tho :( i will if it is an hardware issue what do you think? thanks for reply =)
  3. What cable are you using to connect your monitor? DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc?
  4. VGA with vga- dvi converter so i can plug it into my video card... so what should i do guys:(
  5. Try using a DVI cable as VGA is old and, essentially, useless at this point.
  6. my monitor is vga only :( it has no dvi in the back only vga
  7. i just tried it on my tv my tv is HDTV so it has vga connector turn my pc on and its fine ,.. so i tried it on 3 small old monitors and my tv all is fine but not on my 23inch monitor its black screen then suddently turns on and im on my desktop logged into msn and all that already.. i know the monitor is fine it works with other cards and pc's so what could it be ... should i really rma the card?
  8. k i just got home from a friends house, brought my pc over there to test it on his monitor and guess what ! it was fine! so every monitor i try and tv it works just fine exept for mine and there is nothing wrong with it but , im starting to think this now every monitor i tried is low resolution well below 1900x res the monitor that doesn't work is 1900x resolution, the monitors i tried that worked are 1600x and 1400x and 1200x and stuff like that, is my 1900x something '' broken on my card my card doesn't like that res or something? also ive tried lowering the res and it still wont work but could it be the 1900x resolution is broken on my vid card? sounds kinda stupid but could that be the problem
  9. You're using 1920x1200 resolution on a VGA connection? That's probably your issue. The VGA cable can't really handle that kind of bandwidth. You need to upgrade your connection interface to DVI or HDMI. I don't know why you have a 23" monitor with only VGA inputs...that just doesn't make sense. Are you sure there aren't other inputs on it?
  10. well my old 8800gt had no problem using 1920x1200 resolution on vga also if i lower the resolution i still get the same problem, heres my monitor


    VGA Input Yes DVI-D Input No DVI-D with HDCP Inpu tNo
  11. You have an HDMI input. Use that instead of the ruddy VGA one.
  12. i dont have the cable for it and u think that will fix my problem?- even tho it works fine on my geforce 8800gt?
    yeah why would it work on my 8800gt fine with vga and not my ati? and it works fine on other comps with diff cards like my wifes gf 8600gts
  13. It could just be the way the card sends it's signals. I can't really tell you. I mean, the monitor works eventually, right? It's not really that big of a deal.

    Anyway, you should spend a few dollars on an HDMI cable. It's a much better interface with much higher image quality. Even if it doesn't fix your problem, I'd still recommend you move over to HDMI.
  14. make sure the display is set as the primary display, if the computer sees another port as the primary display port, it will only configure everything once all the drivers are loaded
  15. yeah it is set as primary display it does turn on eventually but i dont even see my post its just black screen from boot up all they way through load then suddently it turns on and i see my icons and desktop, its bothering me other monitors works fine so idk =/ but there is nothing wrong with my hardware?
  16. If it's not crashing and burning, your hardware is functioning correctly.
  17. so you think i shouldn't rma then? its just weird shouldn't be doing this but as long as its fine and it works........ could it just be that my monitor doesn't like the way my vid card sends signals at boot up? only thing i can think of.
  18. I would try using HDMI first.
  19. alright i got one last problem i JUST figured out , the monitor im using now is my wifes monitor her monitor can go to 75 refresh rate , but when i go to 75 refresh rate on my 4870 screen flickers BUT when i plug her monitor back on her pc the 75 refresh rate works great ! for her and she only has a 8600gts shouldn't it work for me too?
  20. anyways a rma would probably be a waste because the next card ill get will do the same thing and they might not even give me one if they test it and its fine correct?
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