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I'm upgrading my lazy old computer!

What i have is

Intel 6550 @ 2.33ghz CPU
Radeon X1650 Pro GPU
500W PSU
2gb @ 800mhz RAM

I would like tips and advices on the stuff i'm planning to buy. My desire is high end gaming! Intel i7 2.66ghz 249€ Radeon 4890 2gb 248.01€ 630W PSU 50.20€ 4gb 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 DDR3 64.01€ MOBO DDR3 PCI 2.0 148€

Total cost= 759,22€

Is it worth it or should i buy some cheaper stuff?

Maybe a DDR2 mobo and ddr2 memory?
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  1. plz notice it should be pci-express 2.0
  2. you'll want triple channel memory for the i7 (3x2GB ideally)

    and you can't use DDR2 with the i7.

    And change the PSU to the corsair 650TX or at minimum the PCP&C 610w.
  3. ok thanks for the reply
  4. is the MOBO i've chosen compatabile with i7?
  5. No its for AMD chips.
  6. oh *** >.< can i choose a MOBO that says core 2 quad or does it have to say something like "Intel i7"

    Btw is it really worth going for a i7 this soon? or should i take the AMD Phenom x4 2.66ghz? and then again a DDR2 MOBO?
  7. This is more expensive but it takes the i7 core
  8. This is the cheapest one i could find
    167.50 EURO
  9. Dont choose expensive ram when their is cheaper stuff from OCZ that is alot better
  10. so basicly i should choose

    I7 processor MOBO RAM

    then instead of 759,22 we'll end at 800,51€
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