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Iv'e been trying to overclock my Intel Atom N445 CPU, But i cant seem to find a way to do it... There's no option in the bios and so far i cant find a program that can do it, I've tryed SetFSB, ClockGen etc but they require the PLL of the cpu which also i cannot seem to find... I even tryed opening the tablet but i cant find the PLL anywhere im certain its not there. Also i cant find a way to overclock my GMA 1350, I tryed "GMA Booster" however its only available for GMA 9xx.

so if anyone here can help me do this i would be so so so appreciative, I have spent 2 day looking for a solution so good luck :P

Best Regards
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  1. HI!!!
    whats your system spec?
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Your only option is use setFSB but I recommend you DON'T overclock that laptop since the cooling systems isn't the best and the CPU get hot very quickly.

    For find the PLL, you need open the laptop and look for it in the mobo near to the CPU socket.
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