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I've this setup on my PC and I'm lloking for a little update since I'm working hard on video in this period, so a little speed up

will be really appreciated.

On Windows XP Pro 32
MSI 975X Platinum P.E. Edition
Intel Dual Core E6600
RAM 2x1Gb of Corsair XMS 800Mhz
2x260 Seagate HD
2x320 Seagate HD
Antec Case P180
Thermaltake 480W
Sapphire X1950XT
19' Samsung Monitor
Mouse, Keyb etc...

I'm thinking on this:
Windows Vista 64
24' HP LP2475W Monitor
Put the 2x260Gb Seagate HD in Raid mode
Go on 6/8Gb of Ram (Depend if i keep My 2x1GB or take 4x2Gb of a new one)
And will i be alble to put ram over 800Mhz that is supported? Will i notice any difference?

Any advice or suggestion on how to improve my system with a low (Except for the Monitor) budget?

And I plan to do a little bit of overclok also, I have a Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler

Thank you all in advice
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  1. If you're doing video editing, I suggest you don't overclock the system, as that'll introduce instabilities that may cause you to lose a lot of work.
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