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Hello,I have WD800JD SATA1 drive. I have a gigabye GA-8VM800M-775 mobo. I can not get the drive to mount after unmount. I have tried everything including installing drivers, etc. Also, no matter what I try, it is not even seen in the bios. All of this after I selected "unmount" one day in the my computer panel in the control panel.
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  1. Well, if the BIOS doesn't see it, your OS won't. I would suggest the following troubleshooting procedures:
    Try a different power cable and data cable and SATA port, in case something is dead.
    Check the connector on the drive for damage.
    Try the drive in another machine if you have one available.

    Consider that the drive may have failed. By the way, where do you select "unmount?" In Windows, I only know of "safely remove hardware." Is that what you used, or am I about to learn something new?
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