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Hi guys, I have a problem with MSI gtx 460 talon attack, Love the card it functions fine, low temps no artifacts .., I have had driver 275.33 installed from when I first purchased the card a few weeks ago, I have since installed the latest drivers for the card and I was losing frame rate in all bench tests, it was very obvious with new drivers, But as soon as I uninstall the latest driver and rollback to 275.33 all is fine and I almost get double the frame rates on all benchmarks/testseg Kombustor/futuremark? I am not a PC Noob I am pretty well up knowledge wise, But this is a very rare occasion that I am stumped and Just want to ask you folks if u have any idea's or inklings as to why/how the hell this is happening, its well frustrating!!.. Its definately happening Becaus I have installed and uninstalled the drivers correctly and thouroughly and Im definately 100% sure Im losing frames with the new drivers and it doubles up again when I rollback to the old ones.. So have you got any ideas, I don't really want to be stuck with the same drivers forever but the newer drivers are like downgrading my system. :/. I have e8600 at 4ghz asus p5g41t MOBO and good cooling all nice temps, card is OC'd using afterburner core 920, memory 2000, the cards def not over stressed, run bench's thouroughly checked for artifacts/high temps. And I never had any trouble with artifacts or overheating in any way so its not that. System memory is dual channel 4gig and win 7 32 home,.

So basically old drivers work better than the new ones? that cant be right !!!! :o Thanks In advance for any Words of Wisdom.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    You're correct, the latest driver isn't always the best one. Performance and performance's scores depends of drivers too and not only from GPU specs.
  2. Bad drivers. Nvidia sometimes release drivers that are just crap. Wait for the next set to come out in a month or so and try those.
  3. Well I never knew that. Don't the folks at Nvidia test there drivers to the moon and back before release? Also Do any of you guys know of anyone who has had the same experience with the GTX 460 and this driver signature? Well ill be damned, You know I always thought naturally that the newer driver guaranteed superior performance to its predecessor, I have learnt something new, Thankyou for your clarification on this matter.. :O
  4. Thanks for the tip. I hust upgraded my Nvidia drivers a few days ago to the 280.xx from the 275.xx. I just ran Unigine Heaven and noticed my frame rates dropped from avg. 32 fps to 26.4 fps. Max. frame rates dropped dramatically. I'm going back to the old drivers.
    I5 2400
    EVGA GTX460 SE 1 GB
  5. OOPS!!!
    Ran myUnigine test at stock GPU settings of 648/1276/1700 and got that 26.4fps average. Went back to the 275.33 drivers and got the same.
    Clocked back to 800/1600/2000 core/shader/memory and got 32.1 fps, 18.6 min/69.7 max All on DX11
    Asus VH236 23" monitor @ 1920X1080
    GTX460SE 1 GB

    I'll have to go back and check the 280.xx drivers again.
  6. On my i7 computer I had to go back to the older Nvidia driver to avoid freeze-ups.
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