Any reviews on this awesome mobo???

I wanted to know whether there were any reviews on this Mobo:

It seems to have everything I need for gaming. Crossfire capabilities, Overclock switch, DDR3 and IT COSTS SO LESSSS. I'm going to make a gaming pc with AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition and His 4980. ANd I could not find any better option for a mobo in this price range. I hope its good....... :bounce:
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  1. its the older 770 chipset.

    personally, i wouldn't bother. get a newer board, unless you really can't afford it.
  2. Even if I suppose it is an old chipset, what disadvantage would it have for my needs. Will it degrade the computer performance?..... I mean its supports the latest hardware and has been launched recently..... What else do I want. :sarcastic:
  3. All I want is some overclockin and great gaming..........
  4. if thats all you want it should do the job. it may not overclock quite as well as some newer boards, but it will still overclock well.
  5. As I said...... I also want some overclocking; I will be overlocking the graphic card and processor, will it give me a good overlock, even if not extreme!!! :o
  6. yes it will, im talking a difference of maybe 100mhz between the high end boards and the mid range boards. so its not really an issue.
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