Nexus Clodius or Antec 200?

Tell me what would u choose Nexus or Antec ? If there is another one, do tell... I'm stuck between these two because of the same price and good quality, I had other options but I eliminated them.

Antec has a bottom-mounted power supply room, despite Nexus... I dont know if that's a good thing :??:
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  1. I visited a Fry's Electronics store this morning and had the opportunity to take a close look at the Antec 200. It was right next to an Antec 300. The cases are the same size. The 200 appears to be an improved version of the 300. Cost was $10.00 more than the 300.
  2. azza helios
  3. obsidian86 - ooooooh! sexy black case.
  4. and a huge mir seems to have changed they had it without the psu for $70 but with a $30 mir
  5. helios looks so good... too bad is not available in my country :(
  6. God, smthng else appeared... can`t believe it
    What do you think of 3RSYSTEM R120 instead of Antec 200 ?!?!?!?!?! :bounce: :bounce:
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