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hi i have a quick question,
my graphics card, (8800gt) just over heated and died on me the other day, and now i gotta get a new card,
a nasty smell came out of my pc, and before i get a new card, i was wondering if it is possible for my pci e slot to become damaged because of that???
and if so, how can i test to see if my slots are still good before i go and buy a new card?
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  1. Boot the computer with no video card and listen for a BIOS error beep indicating no video card is present in the PCIE slot. A working speaker connected to the MB speaker header is necessary to hear the beeps. You could also inspect the PCIE slot and look for burnt areas that could cause potential problems and that goes for the entire MB. Hopefuly it was the video card that burnt and not the MB too or worse.
  2. You should just check it inside your PC. If you see some burned it, you should make it clear. Atleast you could buy a new fan and move it towards ur graphic card.

    I think it should be oke if it was the graphic card that burned out ;)
  3. i have no beep thing, im going to take apart my pc and check for melted parts, or black stuff,
    i have two pcie slots, but if the one slot is broken, (master), i dont think i can run a card in the slave slot by itself...

    whats wierd is the card is dead, yet when i put it in my computer it gets warm still, but not terribly hot, and i dont get any video, and the fan dosent spin any more,
  4. I would say just buy a new graphics card.

    If the graphics card overheated and would therefore have damaged the motherboard then your graphics card is broken anyways so you should get a new one.

    Option 1: Only the graphics card is broken then you should replace it.
    Option 2: The graphics card AND the motherboard is broken then you should buy a new motherboard and a new graphics card.

    So buying a new graphics card is always a good idea (seems to me).

    However the real question is why did your graphics card overheat? If you dont know why then it could happen again with your new rig and then you need to replace everything again. Try and figure out what happend to make your videocard overheat.

    Also check the warranty of both the videocard and the motherboard, allot of brands give a standard one to three year warranty and almost all hardware has a one year factory warranty, you just need to figure out if the way it broke falls under the warrenty.
  5. RIGHT after i installed new drivers, i went to play a game and my pc shut off, the card was dead
    the board is not broken, and i have since replaced the card,
    also why would new drivers break my csrd????
    nvidia should give me a replacement (and i did get the right drivers, so it cant be that)
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