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Aloha all,

Well the time has come to start doing some upgrades or a complete new build so a couple questions for all of you.

First decision is to buy some new parts based around the CPU's I already have or take the plunge and go the Core i7 route.

Currently have:

Store bought hp with:

q6600, 8600gt, 300g hd, 3gig mem, hp case, some sort of hp mobo... (and also have a q9300 still in the box)

Ofcourse being a store bought the parts are not that great in quality and I am starting to have alot of mobo issues with nic, usb, etc.. etc..

So if I go core i7 this is what I am looking at:

- Core i7 920
- ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
- XFX HD 4890
- OCZ DDR3 6 gig kit
- WD Caviar Black 1 TB

Total comes to about 983 USD which includes shipping and not mail in rebates.

I still need a case and power supply. Keyboard, mouse, montior will be bought locally.

Basically I dont see where I would saved huge money by staying with q6600 or my 9300 versus just upgrading to new platform. If I do stay with what CPU I have now I will need to upgrade the mobo, video card, mem, hard drive, and power supply as the one in their from HP is only a 200 watt :pfff:

So what are yall's thoughts about what parts I have picked? Any no no's in the list :D

The mobo had me a little lost as there are like 4 versions of the same mobo (I really hate that) and from what I have read the 1st version has had a lot of problems so any thoughts there>?

As for the Vid card I was looking at HIS brand one since it was OC faster for same price but this one comes with a free game so lol.

I was also considering going to a mATX size instead and using something like the thermaltake lanbox but I am way too unsure about the video card fitting.

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  1. well you can save $75 by dropping the deluxe V2 for a P6T SE and all you'd lose is the oversized heatsinks, a slightly higher end audio chip, and SLI capability.

    or if you still want SLI then the P6T vanilla is $25 more
  2. Hey thanks on that heads up on the 75 I can save between the boards. Also anyone think that the limited increase in performance that the 4890 has over the 4870 is worth it? I found a 4870 dark knight edition??? for $$149 instead of the $$198 for the 4890.

    I think I am pretty solid on the memory and the CPU though but open to any other suggestions for Mobo and or vid cards... Also power supplies.

    I would like to keep the core components under 1k and as long as I wouldnt loose much performance I would like to get it under 900 since I have cases, monitor, etc to buy also.

  3. PSU: If you want to think about setting up your GPU in Crossfire: CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX TX 750W Power Supply Retail or If you don't plan on seting up your GPU in Crossfire: CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX TX 650W Power Supply Retail

    You have an idea on what kind of case you are looking for?... Full, Mid, or Micro?? What size monitor are you planning to purchase, which could effect your GPU requirements...
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    Here is NewEgg breakdown on your parts for your Core i7 build.

    Combo on CPU/Mobo
    1. Intel BX80601920: $279.99 Free Shipping*
    2. ASUS P6T Deluxe V2: $289.99 Free Shipping*
    3. CPU Mag Magazine Coupon: $35.94

    Combo Discount: -$75.94
    Combo Price: $529.98

    Combo on Ram/HDD
    1. Western Digital WD1001FALS: $94.99 Free Shipping*
    2. OCZ Technology, Inc. OCZ3G1600LV6GK: $99.99 Free Shipping*

    Combo Discount: -$7.00
    Combo Price: $187.98
    $10.00 Mail-In Rebate

    XFX HD-489A-ZDFC Radeon HD 4890 1GB $194.99 Free Shipping*

    Total comes to $912.95 before MIR ($10) and all Free Shipping*

    Hope this helps you out some..
  5. Hey thanks for the help everyone. To answer a couple of the questions:

    I plan on getting a 24" Monitor.. Not sure of which one specifically but alot of it depends on whats available locally here in hawaii.

    I was really wanting to try the Lanbox Lite from Thermaltake since it is one of the only SFF cases that is supposed to accept large vid cards. (but only know that it takes dual 8800 cards). But it seems I might be asking for trouble with such a small case with enough airflow.

    I found that Asus came out with a mATX board that is supposed to be great but unsure if it would be wise to go that route or not.

    The current system I have now actually has a 640g HD and not a 300g as previously mentioned so I would not need a new one. (thinking of a drobo in the future).

    I also noticed that on the new graphics performance charts that the Nvidia 275's were getting a better score overall that the ATI 4890's were. I understand its kinda a toss up between the two and I could care less about fanboy ideas on them but anyone have some personal experience with the two cards? Ah also I have seen it mentioned that the 4890 is not worth the extra cost over the 4870 your thoughts?

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