Help with Raid please...

I posted this on another thread...but apparently that thread is dead and no one is bothering to read it anymore.

When I boot, it hangs on "Initailizing USB Controllers" for about 2 minutes.
When it finall gets going, it reports as having found 3 keyboards, 1 mouse and 4 storage devices.

I have 1 keyboard.
I have 1 mouse.


I have 1 internal HD.

The other three HD's it is reporting are External USB HDs.
They were each, at one time or another, connected to my PC but are no longer connected directly to the PC. They are all on a hub connected to a router that has USB Mass Storage capability.

I went into the Raid setup (F9) and I see TWO of those externals in the setup. Both are my USB 500 gig is connected to the router, the second is connected directly to my other PC.

I have tried ALOT of the stuff to rectify the problem but can't seem to fix this.

I am not sure if that will help or not..but I am leaning more towards the hanging is that is is looking for those drives that are no longer connected.

I have looked for a way to remove those drives from the raid...but I do not see it.

Is there a way to remove drives from the raid utility and if

oh...I have disconnected the PC from the network, hoping to relieve the nelp...still hung...still reported 3 keyboards, 1 mouse and 4 drives and the Raid still reported those two externals.
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  1. can disable the raid card/chip (if on board) that should stop it.
  2. What version of windows are you using and RAID do you have an actual RAID controller installed?

    I would look for all of the 'extra' things you have showing up in the device manager and try and disable or remove them.

    If that doesn't work I would go to the bare minimum hardware that it takes to start your computer and add things back one at a time to see what is the cause for this.
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