Best GPU for less than $100

What are some of the best graphics cards for less than $100 that would allow me to play games at medium to high settings at 1920 x 1200 resolution on a 375watt DELL PSU. Thanks.
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  1. Sapphire HD4830 -

    XFX 9800GT -

    TBH, I'm not exactly sure how these perform at 1920x1200. What are the rest of your system specifications?

    EDIT: Found a Sapphire HD4850 for the same price as the 4830

    This should be a good gaming card if the rest of your system is good enough for the games you play.
  2. The rest of my system (2.8ghz dual core, 4gb dd2 ram etc) is ok on the system requirements for most of the games i play, but my current GPU (8500GT 512mb) is very bad from what i've been told so i am looking to upgrade it and hopefully get a little bit of a performance increase in games.

    Quick question though, is it worth it to upgrade from 512mb to 1gb on graphics cards for my resolution (1920 x 1200)?
  3. This 4850 was on sale for $79.99 for about a month up until a week ago, it's one of the best and should go back on sale again soon.

    512mb HIS IceQ4 Radeon HD 4850 Turbo:
  4. ^ Its still a bit over his budget :P
  5. 375 watts isnt exactly a recipy for high performance, but the 4670 should do just fine
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