How can I ground the front panel of my case

]I have the following case. Antec Fusion HTPC Case

Reading the newegg reviews

many reviews say that the front panel of the case is not grounded and people have grounded it by running a wire from the powersupply which is screwed into the case to the front panel.

I would like to do the same, but don’t know how this would work. Would I just buy an electric wire and solder it to the powersupply and the front of the case. I don’t have a soldering iron. Is there another way? Can someone please help me with some guidance on which material I need and how it should be done. Thanks.
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  1. get a piece of solid copper wire, curve one end of it around a screw that secures the front of the case and secure that down tightly, then find another screwhole that you can use for the main part of the case and tighten the wire down to the case using that screw too. That should tie the two together and as the case is grounded to the psu, grounding the front to the main case will ground it to the power supply as well.

    EDIT: make sure whatever you get has insulation on it so you dont short it against the motherboard accidentially. Strip the insulation about an inch off of each end before screwing it down.
  2. Can I buy one of those standard wires with a Y clip at each end. and screw one in to the powersupply screws and the other into the front panel screws?
  3. depends what you mean by a Y clip, can you post a link to something that looks like what you are talking about?
  4. Other than the one comment, what leads to the conclussion that it is not grounded. Is the front panel made of plastic (adding a ground wire will not help), is the front panel held in place with platic clips, or nylon screws. If the front is metal and in contact with the side/bottom/top and the case is metal then it is grounded. The PSU is grounded to the case which provides a ground path to all of the case and unless the front of the case is electrically isolated is also grounded.
  5. Multiple reviewers on newegg have said its not grounded and one reviewer mentioned he has lost 3 mobos because of it.

    If all I need is a wire with copper ends can I just use speaker wire?
  6. you can, just make sure that the copper is firmly touching the steel case, if its not touching tightly it can corrode and copper oxide doesnt conduct.
  7. Go to an automotive store and for 2 bucks buy two crimp eyelets. Use stranded copper wire, speaker wire is fine. Crimp and located a screw on front panel and one on, or near PSU. Walla done. hunter315 is correct CuO is an insulator. Wire does not have to be double OO. Any 24 -> 20 ga is fine (Stranded, with soldered/crimped eyelet is preferred to solid and bent.

    If you already have the case - LOOK at it, or when you get it. If the front is isolated, by all means Do ground it. But if Metal is touching metal then it is grounded.

    PS. I'm very cautious, I'm also the one who gets slammed for recommending wearing a wrist strap when putting a computer together. The guy that lost 3 MB's probably screwed them himself and uses that as a reason
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