Changed memory now computer wont start

I tried to swap some RAM in a presario SR1224NX. I replaced the one stick of hynix 512mb DDR @ 400MHz with two sticks of Kingston each one gig. Now the comp won't post or boot. The fan on the CPU is running at high speed and nothing else works. I have switched back to th original and still get the same result. Have I fried the Mobo?
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  1. Are you sure you are pressing the modules into the slots completely ? - if they are not seated properly the mobo will not know they are there - does the case have a small speaker attached and does it make any beeps when you turn the system on ? there should be a small speaker attached to the system that will give you a beep code to tell you what the problem is if the POST fails and the number and type of beep (short - long) would help narrow down the possible cause of the failure.
  2. I newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The 1GB is supported by your mobo?, and the 1GB must be 400MHz or at least, must be list on the speed supported by your mobo.
  3. Hi and thanks for the help. I've now suceeded in getting the comp up and running but through some trials... Wondering now if trying to run Win 7 was the problem. A friend suggested that it was overheating because of lack of RAM. I had just previously installed Windows 7 and the system was running okay but it was earlier that same day. After numerous starts with different configs, the first success was with no RAM at all. Finally, that fan slowed down, and the post beeper sounded a long tone like an alarm. Shut down, installed original RAM, restart and all was good; for about an hour, the while installing software, black screen high speed fan and nothing else. Manual shutdown, two days of trying to get the board to start, removing battery, periphreals and finally right into set up. So this is when I decided to switch back to XP. During set-up, maybe after 30 min, complete re run black screen, hi fan. Another day and a half, re start boot from XP cd, completed set-up and now running like new. Silly me! still learning :lol:
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