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I would like your advice about this system



SYSTEM USAGE : Business local server, Will be used as station and server for accounting system and will be the server for database accounting system share with 6 stations)

Operating system: XP Pro SP3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83G/1333/12M/S775
Motherboard: Asus S775 P5Q-EM Q45 PCIE
Memory: 4G Kingston KVR 800MHZ DDR2 NO-ECC
HardDrive: 4X Sata2 500G Seagate in Raid10.
Power Supply: 650W Corsair
Device: standard mouse, keyboard, DVD
Monitor: 19 inch Asus
Graphic Card: Integrated
Sound Card: Integrated
Network Card: Included


The Access need to be fast to read and write the Database.
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  1. This is not really a server. If the DB data is important, then you didn't select the right solution as you risk losing data. How will you back it up on a daily basis?

    You don't need a Raptor for the OS. Save the money and buy 4 Sata2 hard disks and set them up as RAID10. I presume that the Seagate hard disks are certified for RAID.
  2. Hi GhislainG,

    I select the wrong Raid. I made the change from Raid0 to Raid1.

    Thanks for your advice.
  3. I will opt for the Raid 10. It gives me the reliability and speed of data

    I need to buy the Motherboard P5Q-EM it support Raid 10. The P5Q-EM DO not support Raid 10

    I will change the HD Raptor 160G for 2 more 500G Seagate
  4. You should also consider an external eSATA or USB hard disk to backup the system. Since you're buying Seagate disks, you could download DiscWizard (Acronis backup software) from Seagate.
  5. Do I need an external hard disk backup with 4X 500G in Raid 10?
  6. Not if you are absolutely sure that 2 drives will never fail at the same time (drives usually fail while rebuilding an array) and the risk of having the computer stolen or destroyed is non existent. If not, then you should have at least one external backup that's stored in another location once the backup is complete.
  7. Very good suggestion . I will take note.

    What do you think about my choice of Motherboard and CPU?
  8. The CPU is more powerful than needed for what you're using the system for. A Q8400 or an E8400 would certainly meet or exceed the requirements.

    The motherboard is fine for that system. Stability is more important than anything else.
  9. thank GhislainG you for your invaluable help
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