Silver Arrow runs i7 950 hot


I have a Thermalright Silver Arrow cooling down a i7 950.

Chip overclocked to 4ghz @ 1.2625 without vdroop & 1.317v max on cpu-z.

chip goes somewhere from 35-42C Idle and 71-75C on load even on cold nights with two windows all the way open.

i reseated my IC Diamond TIM twice but still got the same temps. (pea size on the center)

When i use this on a AMD X6 1090T @ 4ghz i get 17-19C idle and 40C load. (1.38v)

then why is it so hot on this intel chip?
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    Intel chips run MUCH hotter than AMD chips. Your i7 950 temps are not unusual depending on the ambient temp. See the test below.
  2. oh. okay it makes sense then.

    was a little puzzled, thought my silver arrow had an issue.

    thanks for clarifying.
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