Bought new motherboard speaker for testing. Doesn't make a sound.

Here is the progress made so far:

For those who tl;dr, I've got an Asus M2N MX SE. I've tested the PSU with a multimeter on the system and it seems okay. The motherboard light comes on but, when I hit the power button, the CPU fan starts to spin and then stops. I never get a response from the monitor. The main fan never runs. I bought a motherboard speaker to test if my motherboard is bad. I found the manual and plugged it in but when I turn the system on I don't get a response.

Any suggestions?
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  1. You need a case speaker with a 4 pin lead (though only 2 pins have wires). These speakers come with cases, or you can probably find one at radio shack. The speaker pins are on the motherboard, as part of or near the power switch pin cluster. It's listed on your motherboard diagram. You can download the board manual if you don't have one.
  2. I found the manual and the pins. I plugged it in, turned it on and didn't get any beeps. I flipped it around, not sure which direction was correct, and tried it again. Still no beeps. Any ideas?
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    Don't know what you've done recently with your system. If you have a new cpu or ram, check the motherboard specs for compatability. New cpus sometimes require a bios version to post, listed under "cpu support" on the motherboard manufacturer's website. For ram, try checking the label for voltage requirements. You can change that in the bios on most boards. For power supplies, sometimes they simply don't work with certain boards. Try a spare ps if you have one.
  4. This is a rebuild, so it used to work, but now it doesn't. This is the same CPU and PSU that I bought the system with. I don't have the memory installed as per the last thread but I can try it again with the memory plugged in.
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