Building microATX Hackintosh with ~$700 budget

I am looking to see what a microATX $700 hackintosh build would look like (excluding display, keyboard + mouse, etc.), and although I understand the real challenge is finding the motherboard, graphics, and CPU, I also intend to, through boot camp or otherwise, do some light gaming (Specific titles include COD4, Aion, Oblivion, and the like, not exactly demanding games).

You are probably wondering why I want OSX for a machine that I intend to game on, and the simple answer is that I REALLY prefer OSX over Vista and Win 7 (I have the RC on my MBP, but for the most part I rarely use it).

I have a Vista and Leopard disk alike, so the OS isn't something I need to buy.

Also, I expect to OC the CPU and possibly the graphics, albeit not by much due to the cramped case; I would expect to buy parts within a month, at most.

I will make and post a build of my own soon, but if there are any recommendations on parts or builds, please post! Questions too! Thanks.
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  1. Try to get the parts they use on the iMac (Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GPU, etc.). Do share the results of your twisted experiment! :)
  2. You need to go to one of the hackintosh web sites to find out what components are OSX friendly.
  3. there must be a list of hardware supported by the OSX drivers somewhere .

    Why not dual boot btw.
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