GTX 275 Overclocking Issue (Rivatuner)

Hey guys, trying to Overclock my GTX 275 and Riva Tuner is not recognizing my drivers.

The drivers are 190.38(latest) and I've tried reinstalling them several times.

New to OC'ing GPu cards with 3rd party software and I'm halted so early in the process !! :fou:

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Here is an easier Video Overclocking and Tweaking program. The same person that developed RivaTuner also made this for Evga and it can be used on any nVidia graphic cards, plus it also lets you adjust Fan speed of card.

    EVGA Precision 1.71

    Hope this helps you out.
  2. I overclock my 275's using the default nvidia control panel, riva tuner never found my drivers either...
  3. Graphics Overclocking: Getting The Most From Your GPU 2:00 AM - 07/27/2009 by Tino Kreiss X,2369.html
  4. :heink: The latest Rivatuner does recognise the 190.xx drivers.

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