What type ram can ecs k7s5a use?

I have 2 sticks of Kingston pc2100 kvr266x64c25/256 in ecs k7s5a mobo
tried to upgrade with 2 sticks of M-tec pc2100 512MB and pc freezes on turn on

any ideas?
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  1. What's the part number of the M-tec modules?
  2. Stick has blue label yellow lettering on one chip
    PC2100 512MB

    All that it says

    these came out of a P4 machine which boots up and passes memory test
    listed as 266 MHZ ram

    on the ic itself is the following

    S/N 146M51044490844
  3. The k7s5a uses 2 different types of ram; they aren't interchangable. The other 2 slots take pc133, which is a different pin count and voltage. Use your old ram, and return or sell the new stuff on craigslist. And I doubt the motherboard can use 1 gb sticks; 512 is probably the limit, but you can do a search to find some old reviews with the board specs. Sorry I can't post links.
  4. It looks like they might not be compatible, but there isn't enough info. Are they single-sided or double-sided? Does the system work with only one M-tec module? Are the M-tec modules like this one on eBay? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/M.tec-PC2100-512Mb-DIMM_W0QQitemZ110465617507QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxq20091204?IMSfp=TL091204231001r38024
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