I7 2600k and Coller Master Hyper 212 plus

I'm just wondering what could I expect from this heatsink? What's the biggest overclock that I can get with this cooler, and what will be the noise? Thank you in advance!!
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  1. It depends on your case and the ambient temps. That said, under ideal conditions the CM 212+ should net you somewhere around 4.6 give or take 100mhz or so.
  2. Thank you for the reply! I don't have such a good case (let just hope that I will get CM HAF 912 plus soon). This is my current case: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13625739@N03/1483306072/
    Will this cooler fit in?
  3. The 212+ is 158mm tall or 6.22 inches. The Haf 912 is 9.10 inches wide, so you should be fine.
  4. And what about my current case?
  5. It looks like your current case is 7.9" wide so that should work as well. I used this for a reference so I can't guarantee it will fit, but I'm thinking it will. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811182568
  6. Thank you for your reply!!
  7. np
  8. I'm currently running this in a Corsair 650D case and I'm seeing 28 degree idle, 68 degree peak temps under full and persistent load in Prime95. Conservative OC @ 4.4GHz. I think I could hit 4.6 with me being comfortable with the core temps. I am waiting for the Arctic Silver paste to "cure". So I'm taking it easy before going higher. It's a decent cooler and I'm happy with the value of it. But it could be improved.
  9. I'm using a e6600 volted to 1.43v at 3.33 ghz (fsb limit) and I'm seeing real world loads under 40-45c with the case fans on low and idle in the low 20's high teens. This is in a raven 3 btw with room for more fans :D So you should be good.

    @120 I'd get the raven 3 over any case btw. Idk if you ordered already though...
  10. I have that cooler on that processor, but in a huge HAF 932. I'm running stock speeds right now, but this cooler dropped my max load temps from 85 with the stock cooler to 45 with the hyper 212 plus running Prime 95 in ambient temperature of about 22. I'm planning on doing some overclocking myself, and I expect to get great results with this cooler.
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