Samsung new dvd writer not reading some discs??

I had a Samsung DVD writer(SATA) earlier but i was getting some problem with that.Actually it wasn't reading some of my DVDs.So i changed it with a new one(Also SATA).Now the problem is still the same.I have intel DG31PR motherboard with intel core2duo E7200.My brother has the smae motherboard but Pentium D E5200.I connected the old one in his pc and i surprised that the old one was working finely(reading all the discs).I have a custom made system.I have checked the cables but all of them are fine.Tell me if the problem is with my power supply.(I have the latest driver and firmware installed).And sorry for bad English..........
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  1. not the power supply!
  2. That was the problem of DVD writer by itself.I just replaced it with a new one today and its working finely
  3. cool glad its worked out!!!!!!!
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