Can i swap out the 3g card for a gfx card?

intel atom n460

i'm not useing the 3g card in this netbook, i was wondering if any gfx card could go in that slot... i thought it was a pci-x1 but it's much too wide...more like the mxm first gens?? 2.5gbps bandwidth...

A multicore mobile chipset from ati would fit my needs...

what kinda problems might i run into...I was thinking getting something with a powerful low profile fan, would also help cool everything off...the cpu fan on this samsung n150 is kinda awkward...heat pipeing would be best?? i have lost of scrap aluminum to fashion something up...
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  1. your time would be better spent researching a vi-dock
  2. there is a "VI-dock" that runs over usb, correct?
    therefore it would be slower then the current gfx capabilites, no matter what card is placed in the vidock?

    In the hav1us there are two of these slots. mpci-e multi says the schematics. The link is for reference.

    This one uses an expresscard or pcmia slot. Which is no longer used on notebooks or my netbook.

    MXM is what i have. And MXM is very good stuff. But as I look for cards i see that it wasn't even out for more then maybe a year. Before people gave up on it? despite performing very well. If not better then pci-e 8x. which is the max any pci-e x16 gfx card is currently capable of.

    This is the card i have in mind
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