Netbook cooling ideas?

samsung n150.

buy an mxm gfx card, get a fan+ heat-sink combination.. low profile..

should get some more airflow no? even if the card doesn't work, for the time being...

Thicker based aluminum, for the cpu, heat-piped over to current fan? probably need some fasteners..but how, where?

I have alot of old aluminum heatsinks i can cut to size, but maybe someone here might know of some currently made products that could be of much better use, and copper..

Since this is embedded, i doubt i want to overclock it much at all.. and i feel it's already running quiet hot. I want to take it with me, but if it's over 80*f forget it.. I wanted to beef up it's resilience to humidity and water resistance...As it is, there is virtually none... a *raindrop will find its way inside this thing :cry:

maybe some mylar sheeting? one side's plastic right? wouldn't it also be slighty thermoconductive? :pt1cable:
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  1. My laptop is 6 years old, does not care about look, rarely used outside. Therefore I remove all maintenance covers as well as as well as bottom half of casing, after that I cut a nail in half and dull it with angle grinder and ducttaped it to 2 bottom screw port to raise the base of laptop up for more airflow.
  2. LOL, that doesnt protect it from rain or drinks... or if you randomly picked it up carelessly and touched a postitive terminal and a negative terminal. Your antique pc would then be a brick.

    It also doesn't do anything to cool of the components more. They are probably still 160*F+ unless it gets below 70. Or you also attached liquid cooling. which depending on various things, would be entirely worth it. Find the chips that generate heat, grab a penny or a nickel, dab some arctic silver adhesive on the chip, pres the coin on for 20-30 normally for 24hrs, and do some benchmarks. XD that alone will extract heat from the core of the chips better then airflow alone. And that is my goal here, extract the heat away from the highly integrated atom cpu. The dynamic fsb and intel stepping, will OC on it's own if temps remain under the trigger temps. Which seems to be about 160*F then i see it will undervolt and drop frequencies to remain at or below this. I have seen it go beyond 1666mhz cpu and 1666fsb at times.

    But i wanted to remain portable and durable. I can fit this thing in my jacket pocket, as long as nothing is attached to it.

    I did use some of the aluminum heat shielding off the plastic cover, rolled it up, pressed it, and creased it. And stuck it to the cpu heatsink, running over the center and fanned it out over the fan. This worked surpriseingly well until the residual adhesive wore out. knocked off 10-15* off the peak temps under load.

    I didn't have any thermal adhesive. I have lots of aluminum heatsinks and scrap now, I have some thick copper wire. But i'm looking for something a little thicker. I'd really like to replace the aluminum with 2 - 3 oz of copper at the cpu. with some sorta copper fins binded to the original aluminum shank and fan. The fins will likely be heavy gauge copper wire...

    Are there any mobile liquid cooling solutions?

    Can i use thermal epoxy as a weld, instead of more permanent welding in case i'd like to modify it more? Last thing i want to occur is if i drop this thing, and then all that metal scrapes across the motherboard...shorting everything out. =c
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