TCP/IP and Windows Firewall Problems On Dell Optiplex GX280

My dad is having problems connecting to the internet on this computer. He has tried using a Wireless Adapter to no avail. The problem with the internet is that even though the NIC is connected, the browser won't go to any websites. So I decided to help, but when I clicked repair connection, it did not work and said TCP/IP Failed TO Query. This prompted me to go to the Services and try to start up the service. I went into the properties for that service and went to Dependencies and Windows Firewall was listed. Windows Firewall, when I started the service, failed to start. What could be the problem?
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  1. Turn your firewall of (temp) and try and connect again, see what happens, tcp/ip is always fun to fix.
  2. As stated in my OP, the Firewall Service won't start at all.
  3. Ohh :S oopsays!

    Check that your wireless device or Ethernet options are installed correctly. Not sure how but its possible that a driver is out of date and decided not to work with a modem/router, or internet connection update in the tcp/ip somewhere. I suspect this because it's an older unit.
  4. I did a test by using the HDD on another computer and it would not run the Firewall service either, so it seems it is a software issue. Hopefully someone can now help after that clarification.
  5. You could just back up the data and complete a fresh install of windows. It sounds like a windows issue, and not a tcp/ip or driver issue.

    Fresh install guide:
  6. Yeah, I came to that conclusion. Thanks. Just gotta wait for my dad to give me the reinstallation CD. :P
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