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I was wondering what every one thought about the Asus 8800 GTX Card. I'm a big fan of Nvidia and ASUS I'm building a new rig with Intel Quad core and OCz 6 g off DDr3 ramalong with a PSU of 750 Watts. I'M using this computer mainly for flight simming and photography. Also i have a 24 inch flat screen monitor. 1280 x 1224 . I want to get a second monitor also. Any thoughts would be great. Oh yea looking at the Asus p53E mother board. Thanks Trex01
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  1. Your choice in components is outdated and probably overpriced.
    FYI, the 8800GTX is nearly 4 years old now and the P45 chipset offers the same performance (better overclocking even) then a X38 based motherboard (P5E3, BTW) for quite a bit less.

    Look into an ASUS or Gigabyte P45 based motherboard and a 4850, 4870 1Gb, GTS 250 or GTX 260 core 216.
    Unless you are going to CrossFire a pair of ATI cards, you should not need anything more than a quality Corsair, PCP&C, Seasonic, Enermax or Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU.
    Stay away from DDR3, DDR2 800/1066 offers the same performance and costs quite a bit less.
  2. Thanks for the repy I have looked at other options.
  3. I believe the 250 is the new designation for the 8800/9800 class GPU.

    A 260 or 275 should be as fast as a pair of 8800s.
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