Z8NA-D6C Raid Configuration Question

This board has 6 SATA ports on it. Am I able to configure only the first 3 as being raid-5, leaving the other 3 as standalone single drives? My guess would be yes, but I want to verify before I order all my parts. If I need to get another SATA card to handle the single drives then I will do it all at once.

Thanks in advance!!
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    Yes you can. If you're really serious about building a RAID array, I suggest you get a dedicated RAID controller, which has its own SATA ports, for maximum speed and reliability.
  2. Thank you for the reply, though I already bought the board and setup the server and answered my own question. If this were a server for a business purpose, I would definitely look into a good RAID controller, but since this is just to run my home server (mp3 site, exchange, few web pages) I didnt feel like spending the money. :D
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