Hi guys. i urgently need your help, as i am newer so i am very confused.

My budget is 650$

i don't know whether to go AMD x3 or intel quad?

i am not as such interested in games. i only need it for designing software applications, web browsing. songs, etc.

and how much important graphics card is? should i go for it? will it fit in my budget?

please suggest.
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  1. I would go for the propus 620 quad core amd for $99 at newegg. Check out their combo deals; they had at least one for less than $200. For the 785 chipset boards, the onboard graphics are pretty good for a non gamer. You can try them first and add a card later if needed. The operating system and ddr3 will be your biggest choices. Frys had xp home for $59.99 a couple of days ago before the windows 7 launch. A pricewatch vender has 64 bit xp for $47, which is a pretty good deal. If you finish pricing out all your components and your total is over $650 consider a system by hp or dell. Frys has a quad core 910 amd system with 8 gb of ddr3 and windows 7 for $699 in stores only.
  2. $532 before MIR and shipping including OS

    Corsair 400CX $50 - $20 MIR

    ASUS 785G AM2+/ AMD Athlon II X4 620 $164

    4GB Gskill DDR2 1066 $90

    Cooler Master RC-690/ WD Caviar Black 640GB $100

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit $110

    LG DVD burner $28

    I definitely suggest windows 7 over XP or Vista, i have been running Win 7 Pro 64 bit for a couple months now and it is actually very nice, and runs extremely well, XP 64 was the first venture into 64 bit OS's and is known to have had some issues.
  3. THANX for your valuable suggestions.

    first of all ill not purchase online. i have to get it from my city only.

    so don't include shipping charge and i have windows vista, and very soon ill upgrade it to win 7. so no need to include os price also.

    as far as the display is concern i have thought of samsung 2033 TFT display which costs 156$

    The amount left is 494$ from which have to buy the following things:

    1. Processor
    2. PSU
    3. RAM
    4. HDD
    5. MOBO
    6. CABINET
    7. Keyboard Mouse
    8. UPS
    9. Speakers
    10. DVD writer
    11. About graphics card i dont have much idea

    if anything left please add it

    its urgent
  4. that sucks that you have to buy from your city because you can find some pretty sweet deals online!
    As far as for the processor, try going for and AMD since it will be cheaper than Intel.
  5. Where are you buying from? We can't really help you in any way if we don't know the prices of components where your shopping.
  6. You know you can order things from newegg and pay with a personal check rather than use a credit card if you live in a country that you can order items from newegg.
    Last year I didn't have a credit card so I ordered things by a check.It took a few days longer though.
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