I'm thinking about buying an ASUS M4N78 (99 dlls) or ASUS M4A77D (79 dlls)

Its for a AMD athlon II X4 620 2.8 Ghz (112 dlls)

Which Mobo will be better?

If you can, will you tell me why would you choose it?

Thank you
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  1. I don't know the ASUS M4A77D.
    I have used the M4N78 several times. It works fine. No problem. I have AMD 2.6GHz chips in there. This MB is solid. I would choose it---I did choose it--- because it was proven by me a number of times to satisfy my requirements. Never had any trouible with it. I don't know the 77D.
  2. M4A77D - AMD 770/SB710 chipset
    M4N78 - NVIDIA nForce 720D chipset

    Not sure about you but personally, I would prefer the one with the updated AMD chipset. Usually, people only buy boards with Nvidia chipset either for SLI or just loyalty to Nvidia.
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