Really weird files/folders created on my USB flash drive

So last night I was working on some java programs and then I shut down the netbook I was working on. Today I take out the flash drive from the netbook and put it into my desktop. Now here is where it gets weird, take a look at my root directory:
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For some reason all of these Mayan looking file and folder names are there. Notice the dates they were modified and the files sizes, just those weird files total larger than that of my 8gb flash drive. I scanned the flash drive for viruses and it came up clear. Is it safe to delete these or did some of my files become corrupt? Any insight on this issue would be very helpful, thank you.
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  1. It looks like they got corrupted during shutdown or high memory usage... windows was probably borrowing your drive as swap space... If you want to figure out what the file names are you might be able to highlight them and hit F2 and copy the text of the file name and paste it into word and change the font....That being said youre probably going to have to delete them anyway since they more than likely will not open again.
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