Linksys wmp54g pci card in a dell 2350 system cannot connect to b type hub

why would this card connect to a g type hub and not a b type hub..I have the identical card in an older hp system with no issues..thank you
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  1. Unfortunately there are occasional incompatibilities between modern mixed mode wireless equipment and older wireless b equipment.

    In some cases but not all switching from mixed to wireless b in the router (or whatever) can cure it -- sometimes not even in a case where both products were made by Netgear.
  2. i had to make a workaround by using a static ip to initiate the b-side..i couldn't use the dhcp as it appeared to hang during ip aquisition, when i gave a direct ip for "b" side connect the unit worked also had the same issue with another dell product the model dimension 2400 with both linksys and 2wire products... apparently you are quite correct when mentioning that products of diverse manufacture are indeed limited . with no concise source for information egarding product manufacturer the user is inded hamstrung when making a purchase..and thank you very much for your reply...
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