4 Momentus hybrid drives in unusual RAID setup

Contemplating possible setups for a new upper end desktop build project.
Have read a couple of favorable reviews of a pair of Seagate Momentus hybrid drives combined in an IcyDock RAID adaptor that takes up one disc tray. Only one cable runs from the IcyDock to the motherboard; and the MOBO recognizes it as only one drive.

Was considering running 2 of this identical setup in RAID0 through the BIOS RAID setup that is availalbe on my ASUS MOBO.

It seems like it should work in theory, with a corresponding boost in speed.
Is my logic sound? Can anyone anticipate problems that could be inherent in this setup that I am missing?

Will be using a 2TB external drive for backups.

Any and all input is appreciated.
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  1. all of their single bay internal ones are single drive only. It might be a new product they are working on but I dont see it on their website currently. If by some form of black magic such a product were to exist you would probably have to set it up to be a raid to begin with or it will most likely show up as 2 folders inside the 1 drive. My boss has a NAS that has 2 drives in it but the drives show up as 2 folders in network neighborhood. Anywhoo....

    once you get them set up in a raid (im assuming you would be doing 1 on those?) your motherboard should let you do a 0 stripe of them yes... which would be known as a 0+1 only your board would think its a 0. not sure if it would give you the fault tolerance or not since the mobo would see it as one disk is corrupted in the 2 disk stripe ... maybe if one drive failed in the dock and you replaced it and rebuilt that dock's mirror then the mobo would see it as operating normally again... just speculation though. Of course if you do raid0 on the docks and then 0 on the mobo you wont have any fault tolerance but you will get a little speed bump... not sure how fast the docs are at splitting the data up mind you.

    So in theory yes it should work once you log into windows and configure the docks ... or like I said by some black magic (like a jumper maybe) it raids them without OS input.
  2. Here is a link to the page on their site; complete with a you-tube video of
    several aspects of it.


    This would be intended to run strictly Raid0 -- backup will be done manually to an external drive.
  3. I don't think it will work like you want it to because of this line right here:

    Once inside the Windows or Mac desktop, the user can utilize provided software for both platforms to set up a RAID array.
  4. it may work... set the little dial on the front to 4 and see if the bios only sees it as one drive... if it does youre in business.
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