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Hello, I have been building pc's for people for a really cheap price with spare parts that I have, I have a dell inspiron 531s motherboard that I will be putting into this next system, is there a way I can remove all of the oem info such as the dell logo that shows up when the computer boots and when I look into system properties showing that its dell, is this possible?
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    No. It has a dell bios chip, either soldered or pressed on. If you want to use a dell windows installation with the dell coa sticker, I would leave the dell bios alone. If you're bold, you can flash the bios with a similar bios from the same board manufacturer. Cpuid might give you that information. Dell uses motherboards made by foxconn and asus. But if the bios version you flash doesn't work, then you'll have a dead motherboard. I suggest you sell the dell board on craigslist or ebay, and find another brand. Oem boards bring a good price. Discount electronics sells your board for $79.99.
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  3. Thank you for your feedback, im just gona keep this board running in the computer its running, Dell had asus make this specific board, ASUS M2N61-AX motherboard socket am2 but it will only show up as dell, I dont think asus will claim it lol..
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