Best free PC Repair Software?


I was wondering what is a must have in repair / Diagnostic software?

So far what I have is Memtest86 to test the RAM, Furmark so I can run a stability test on the GPU, Avast / Spybot S&D/ Ad-aware so I can clean the computers of viruses, Spyware, Etc.

Is there any other Must have software that that I should consider?

Thanks again,
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    Check out Gizmo's Freeware. Nicely organized and (mostly) very detailed and knowledgeable reviews. Last I investigated, both SBS&D and Ad-aware were slipping in detection and removal rates behind new competitors (namely Malwarebytes).

    As far as essentials for hardware and overclocking(my personals):

    Temperature monitoring (speedfan/realtemp/core temp etc)
  2. Awesome, thanks. Ill check that site out.
  3. ATI tool could be used for testing.
  4. Another great site for what you are looking for is Guru3d. :wahoo:
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