What would be the bottleneck?

I am going to build a new computer, but i am stuck on which CPU i should pick to match the graphic card in performance. The most demanding things that i will use the computer for will be gaming i think.

I picked the radeon 4870 512mb over the geforce gtx260 896mb. :)

But which cpu would match the graphic card in performance so the CPU would not be the bottleneck?

Phenom II X2 550 6mb 3.1 GHz

Phenom II x3 720 6mb 2.8 GHz

Phenom II x4 920 6 mb 2.8 GHz

C2D E8400 6mb 3 GHz

C2D Q8400 4mb 2.66 GHz

And also, i would appreciate some links that could help me calculate the bottleneck if you now any.
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  1. It depends on the game where the bottleneck will be, for left 4 dead even an i7 975 bottlenecks the graphics card because it is so light on the graphics card. Depending on whether the games you will be playing a 2 or 4 threads determines if you need a dual or a quad. There is no way to plug in specs and find the bottleneck as it is determined by so many different factors.
  2. All would be good enough.
    Buy anyone which your budget allows.

    I choose this one:
    Phenom II x4 920 6 mb 2.8 GHz
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