AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition? and..?

Hey guys im finally actually gona upgrade this time its gone beyond a joke tbh..I was looking at the AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition

What would this cpu be like for a casual-medium gamer like myself..I have a 4850 512mb and corsair 650psu all ready but suffering really bad lag spikes and graphics lag due to intel pentium 4 and other old parts

Its goin for 134.99£/146€ on overclockers uk compared too 166€ on

I also want to buy a motherboard and some new ram. I dont want anything fancy with the motherboard would be happy with just one pcie slot to keep the cost down and maybe be able to put <8gb ram or more? Need some ram too would like some ram too 4gb would be nice but i can go for just two if it would be ok..Would like to keep the cost down as much as i can but dont mind payin for quality either

Id like to buy stuff that would do me for another 1-2 years.

Also when i get the new stuff would it fix the blue screens i get alot and other little problems or would all that be to do with the hard drive ?

Thanks guys
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  1. I'll let someone with more knowledge recommend a motherboard, but I think you'd be very happy with the Phenom II X4 955 and a 4850 for casual to medium gaming. The PSU is good too.
    A BSOD can be caused by a lot of different factors... there could be a memory problem or a malfunctioning driver. But if you're going to do a major upgrade like this, you'll have to reinstall Windows--which might clear up any issues with old or conflicting drivers.
  2. what is ur budget?
  3. Would this ram do the trick? Im not looking to overclock tbh so would the generic one do the trick? would it be realiable?Is ddr3 the way to go ?

    Budget is around 100£ for mobo and ram after processor wont be buying them all at once tho cuz i cant afford it so would it be worth saving some more ?
  4. Also will mico atx work with any machine or ? How do i knoq my psu would work with the mobo
  5. A 955 is a high end cpu, it'll be good for high end gaming, but... the 4850 might restrict you but still it'll be a good system.
  6. yeah il upgrade 4850 at xmas maybe..oh how do i know the mobo would fit my hewlet packard case?
  7. oh... HP, Dell, Gateway- whatever, they all have horrid cases. But the Asus Crossahair III will undoubtedly fit as its small, but a normal ATX one might fit.
  8. U can go with the generic RAM that is fine if u aren't going to OC

    U can keep the case from HP since they use micro ATX mobos and if u get a new micro ATX mobo the case can stay

    the PSU will work with almost any Mobo and definately urs

    what di u mean the micro ATX mobo will work with any machine
  9. I went for this in the end :)
  10. you got really good parts there and u can keep the case
  11. :) Yeah that sounds good..

    I got xfire if anyone would like to play some :) liamhef2006

    :D cheers Upendra
  12. no problem and good gaming to you
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