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when i install 2 256 ddr2 memory to my computer it doesnt work a message saying memory size error when i boot..but when i try to install only one 256 ddr2 memory module it works...can anybody tells me whats wrong?
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  1. Please provide more info about your motherboard and memory modules.
  2. Board: IBM IBM
    Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
    BIOS: IBM 24KT48AUS 07/25/2003

    54 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

    Slot 'J6J1' has 256 MB
    Slot 'J6J2' is Empty
  3. in addition,

    2.40 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
    8 kilobyte primary memory cache
    512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    Not hyper-threaded
  4. Do both modules work when only one is installed, i.e., if you replace the currently installed module with the other module, does the system work? Are both modules identical? Is that PC an IBM NetVista M42 Series 8305? If so, it should accept modules up to 1 GB for a total of 2 GB.
  5. yes both module are identical and they are working even one of them are installed..when performing a POST it beeps ..2 short beeps.. and display a message memory size its not a IBM net vista i am only a xp os..and i think this pc is not a new model..ü there a possibilty that my motherboard is the problem?
  6. Did you go into the BIOS and save the settings after installing the second module? The system might simply be warning you that memory size has changed from 256MB to 512MB; saving the BIOS settings will confirm the modification.

    An IBM Net Vista is a PC that normally runs Windows XP, not Vista. Since that system came with a P4 2.4, it has to be quite old.
  7. i already save it and it works...thanks..ü..

    do memory module must be identical in terms of their brands?..
  8. Not for that type of memory, but they should have similar specifications.
  9. how i access the BIOS of ibm thinkpad windows 98 edition ?
  10. You didn't provide the model number, but I hope that it's on this list:
  11. IBM thinkpad type:2645-4ej
  12. If it isn't on the list, you'll have to check in your manual or contact Lenovo.
  13. do i have to format pc whenever i upgrade my CPU?
  14. Not at all.
  15. ok thanks.. :D
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