OZC Revodrive

i was looking into a OZC revo drive http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227596

What are the pros and cons of this particular SSD I have chosen?
Do I need another storage hd with this?
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  1. pros: its an ssd
    its fast as crap through a goose

    cons: its got a raid on it so unless you have an intel chipset you wont get any trim support
    price is outrageous for the size you get
    it takes up an additional pci-e slot
  2. Pro: like shinObi272 said

    Con: Only 50GB, so yes you will need a HDD for data/media/storage. 50GB is tight for a boot drive/OS/Programs. I had Win7HP, Office 2007, Quicken, Norton, and a few other things, and only took up 33ish GB of space. So, if you have NO games, should be good. But for the same price, you can get larger SSDs.
  3. oh yeah I didnt even look at his link! LOL my bad. They do make a 120gb and a 240gb version so I figured he'd weigh the pros and cons of a 50gb hard drive vs a 120gb one...

    I must learn to slow down!

    [edit] also with no need for a swap file and no worry about bit flipping you can use 100% of an ssd without worry... so he will have a few gigs of space to put games on but yeah 50gb is a bit tight all the same [/edit]
  4. Ok this is the one I have settled on: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227578

    OCZ RevoDrive OCZSSDPX-1RVD0120 PCI-E x4 120GB PCI Express MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

    What are the drawbacks if any in performance? I was thinking about a Raid 0 with 2 HHD's. But I still am so intrigued using a SSD as a boot for my OS and the Battlefield 3 game when it comes out. Performance wise is there big difference?
  5. Ive not used a revo drive but to be honest... no there wont be a TON of difference. Your windows will boot up in a few seconds vs about a minute ... which is cool sure. But in game (if that's what youre using this for) you'll get faster install/load times and that's about it. Good for games like bf3 or crysis where level and save game load times can be excruciatingly long (20 or 30 seconds on normal drives getting cut to 8-11 sec on a standard ssd). Honestly though that's about the difference ive seen on my ocz vertex2. Revo is supposed to be even faster than the vertex but unless youre doing a lot of small reads and writes to the drive like in a database query or something you wont see a TON of difference.
  6. no trim passed in a raided volume. Only to non-member drives.

    thing to keep in mind here is that this drive can be problematic on some Intel boards due to limited riad rom sizes and will disallow any use of raid from the Intel chip while it's set as the boot drive.

    Also be aware of the inherent throttling algorithms of the Sandforce controller and it's best to figure in some additional unallocated space(overprovisioning) to keep stamina and recovery a bit stronger(especially if dealing with larger amounts of incompressible data like pics, vids, music, etc). Heavy streaming content can have similar impact as well.

    Also plan on adding additional logoff idle time as that's when these drives do most of their recovery. This is true even with trim availability on single drives as it serves no purpose to restore speed but has to do with allowing those trim marked blocks to be used much more quickly and helps with the wear leveling/lifespan to some degree.
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