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when i turned on my computer today most of the keys on my keyboard stopped working. the function, escape, and arrow keys work but the rest of them dont. these keys dont work even in the bios so it cant be just a windows thing. i have an logitech wireless keyboard but i also tried a normal USB keyboard and the same thing happened. what could possibly be the problem?
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  1. That is strange. Have you tried removing them in Windows are re-installing them?

    Do both the cordless and normal keyboards use USB? If so, try re-installing the USB controllers too, just in case. Weird problem though.

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  2. i cant reinstall any drivers or controllers since i have windows password protected and i cant type the password in. so i cant even log on! could it be a problem with the motherboard?
  3. I doubt it, but you could try clearing the CMOS and see if that helps.

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