Wireless Connect Awful in Win7??

Built a Win7 system last night, installed my D-Link DWA 552 Extreme Adapter and now everything just seems to be rubbish. World of Warcraft will post 2500+ ms, internet is dragging, and my life is crumbling before my eyes it seems.

Had no worries or issues with Vista or XP - in fact they ran fantastically. Thinking it's a Win7 issue having read over some other threads.

Thoughts? Recs? New Adapter needed? Or?

Thank you!
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  1. ps- it's 64 bit Win7 Premium...and connect shows, it's just terrible.
  2. the OS shouldn't have any effect on the connections...
    have you tried updating the drivers? Are they Win7 drivers, and not Vista drivers?
  3. If it helps, i just upgraded a machine from Win XP 64 to Win 7 Ultimate 64 and the wireless card works exactly the same. In fact, Windows 7 had the drivers built in already and the wireless adapter worked upon first boot, none issues at all. Smooth sailing on WOW & LOTRO & COD & etc...
  4. If it's a driver problem new hardware might solve the issue, but wastefully, as the original hardware is not actually broken. Try installing different or updated drivers for the D-Link from their website or firewall settings.
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