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It's just about time to upgrade so I am selling old components that I don't need and to help pay for the cost. And when I say old, I mean a 6.5 month old CPU & mobo.

<A HREF=" Ultra.htm" target="_new"><font color=green>8PE667Ultra</font color=green></A> - $120
(all accesories, manual, software, and original
packaging is included--will even send
original bill of sale, for the product
is still under warranty)

<font color=green>P4-B 2.4ghz(533)</font color=green> - $130 (no cooler, only chip)

All prices include shipping within continental US. I will ship outside the US, but additional shipping may apply. Feel free to contact me with questions about the components or price here in the thread or in a private message.
(*overclocking was performed on both compoments-- voltage never rising over 1.65 on the CPU and temps under load maxing out at no more than 42C-- overclocked for 4 of the six months)

--the Doc
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  1. you are going to have to seriously lower your prices if you want anyone to buy them at all. You get can get a good i865pe board with more features for less money than that Gigagbyte i845pe board you are selling.

    I want to see an <font color=blue>Ati Radeon 99999 Ultra Pro</font color=blue>, based on the <font color=red>AtiRage core</font color=red>. And people wonder how a <font color=purple>Geforce3</font color=purple> is better than a <font color=orange>Geforce4 Mx...</font color=orange>
  2. Well, I am willing to negotiate on the price. What I did is searched on Pricewatch, found the lowest price for the 8PE667Ultra, and then lowered more due to the fact that it's 6.5 months old.
    Remember, this is a full feature board. I placed a link to the specs in the post. The only things this board is missing is dual channel DDR controller, and a serial ATA controller, which most don't even use right now. Also, absolutely no stability problems with this board at all! It comes with 2x ATA 133 cables, 1x ATA 100 cable, FDD cable, brachets for 4 additional USB ports & SPDIF in/out ports. The RAID chip supports 0 and 0+1 (not the Promise-lite), and optical drives.
    Great board & kept in good condition(still under warranty)!
    Anyways, please feel free to contact me to negotiate price.

    --the Doc
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