Phenom x4 9950 AMD blak edition 2.6 Ghz overclocking

Hi all!

Ok i see this video:

My Sys PC is:

MEMORY 2 x 2GB DDR2 800Mhz KINGSTON 1600+

Looking at the video tells us the settings related to my CPU.
But I am not able to stand on 3.5 GHz All coreS.

I use program ASUS TurboV. I managed to raise my all 4 cores to 2.9 GHz and that at 100% load are stable!
With 1.35 V CPU Voltage or 1.45 V. And CPU frequency on 200 Mhz.

As soon as I raise my CPU frequency on 231 MHz my pc restarting :( not stable.
I could not touch CPU frequency or what ?!

What's the problem? Why can not raise my cores to 3.5 GHz to be stable? Give me any advice!
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  1. You have the original Phenom processor.
    Most would top out arround 3 gigahertz. That is the limit of the cpu design.
    Sorry but you will probably never get 3.5
  2. Hmm in video Phenom x4 is my Processor. Any another advice!
    How to make it to work stable at 3.0 or 3.2 or 3.3 GHz ?
  3. You won't get where you want using TurboV, you'll have to BIOS overclock I got mine to 3.2ghz = 200mhz x 16X multi @ 1.4250v, but you'll just have to educate yourself on how to get there.

    You don't mention your CPU cooling solution, You have to keep it cool!, You'll never do it with a stock air cooler.

    See if the guide in my sig, helps you.
  4. Yes my CPU cooling is a stock hmmm ....ok i see. I up my cores on 2.9GHz and with stock colling temp. is max 70c - 74c is this ok ? For my CPU ? :) and 2.9 GHz is stable! With load 100% .


    The first difference being I'm running DDR2 1066 Corsair Dominator memory, so my first suggestion is set your memory DDR2 slot voltage to OCZs recommended specifications and the timing too, set those manually.

    Other than that here are my AMD Phenom 9950 BE/ASUS Crosshair II Formula flashed to BIOS 1101, 3.20Ghz Bios Settings;
    Under Extreme Tweaker
    AI Tuning = Manual
    CPU Frequency = 200
    CPU Multiplier = 16x
    K8<->NB HT Speed = 2Ghz
    K8<->NB HT Width = 16 16
    PCIE Clock = 100
    CPU-NB Multiplier = 10x

    DRAM Configuration = Set to your OCZ Spec timings
    Under DRAM Configuration You Find
    Memory Clock Frequency = DDR2 800
    Tcl = Set to OCZ Specs
    Trcd = Set to OCZ Specs
    Trp = Set to OCZ Specs
    Tras = Set to OCZ Specs
    1T/2T Memory Timing = 2T
    DRAM Ganged Mode = Enabled
    Memory Hole Remapping = Enabled
    AI Clock Skew = Auto

    Don't worry about going into the last three on this page leave all that on Auto and Esc out of this page of settings

    SLI-Ready Memory = Disabled
    iGPU Clock = 500
    iGPU Shader Clock = 1200

    Vcore Voltage = 1.4250v
    VDDNB Voltage = Auto
    DDR2 Voltage = Set to your OCZs Spec Voltage
    SB Voltage = Auto
    HT Voltage = Auto
    VDDA Voltage = Auto
    BR Voltage = Auto
    DDR2 Controller Ref Voltage = DDR2_REF
    DDR2 Channel A Ref Voltage = DDR2_REF
    DDR2 Channel B Ref Voltage = DDR2_REF

    CPU Configuration
    AMD Virtualization = Disabled
    AMD CPU C1E Support = Disabled
    AMD Live! = Disabled
    AMD Cool' n' Quiet Function = Disabled
    CPU Instruction Fetch = Auto
    CPU Tweak Control = Auto
    Processor DownCore= Disabled

    Spread Spectrum Control
    CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled
    PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled
    SATA Spread Spectrum = Down Spread

    Press F10 and Exit Saving Settings

    These settings I've given you allow a rock solid 3.20Ghz OC on my hardware, if you're unsure what to do with the OCZ memory settings if you provide the exact OCZ modules and model #s you have, I'll be glad to look them up for you.

    is this ok ? With stock cooling AMD default cooling

    This is my cooler|51WOgLe5zqL.jpg$%28KGrHqIOKiIE3zdNElOsBOFpuz0,d!~~_3.JPG
  5. First off...62c is the thermal limit on that CPU,....second, I have that MOBO and its not the best for OCing to begin with.....If you are hitting 70c and above I would be very worried.....If your gonna be OCing any CPU you will need an aftermarket cooling solution.....That post above...... that person is using a Crosshair II MOBO which is suited to OCing much better than your M4A78 model....also I suspect that that person is using an aftermarket HSF....If you are gonna be using a stock cooler...bad things are gonna happen to that chip while OCing....HEED MY WORDS !!!!
  6. 62c shouldn't be a constant temp either might i add. that is quite warm for a processor, especially a first generation Phenom. You can get a cheap hsf (cooler master hyper 212+) for around $30 online. Try to keep cpu temps at most hovering around 55c under load. 60c tends to give me nightmares and weird twitches...
  7. @casualbuilder--->I stated it as 62c is the maximum allowable temp......I hit 58c under heavy folding at 4.3 GHz@1.56v on an X4 965.....IMO 58c is acceptable with high clocks and voltages....and I did state that the OP needed an aftermarket cooler....So, yeah thanks for reitterating what I said...The reason that that temp is acceptable for me is I have 8 other machines so My main machine is my "super clocker" a.k.a. my trial an error rig...My temps in my OC room maintains the ambient temp at exactly 20c....As per NIST standards...I OC in a microbiology laboratory at my work
  8. wasn't trying to step on toes lowjack, just wanted to make sure the person knew he was getting close to dangerous cpu temps. aftermarket cooling might want to be a consideration. 58c is a lot better than 62c consistently. ill be overclocking my 955BE this weekend hopefully, ill let you know if i can get 4.3 out of it.
  9. 4.3 GHz on my chip took alot trial and error....I got 4.298 GHz out of it no problem....Then I had to do so real adjusting to get it to 4.308GHz....On the 4.298 GHz I was able to maintain stability with my RAM running at just above 1600...Yet to get to 4.308GHz was a feat...I had to sacrifice RAM speed to achieve it I was down around 1437 MHz on the RAM....

    Check out the table I am second on the list:

    Here is the screenie of the 4.3 GHz OC:

    Here is a screenie of the 4.298 GHz OC:

    Here is 4.277 GHz:

    Take note of the BCLK and RAM speeds
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