1333 vs 1600+ memory

Guys when I was building my RIG I kinda cheaped out on MEMORY and got this:

Now my question is getting 1600 or 1800 memory will do anything for me that I can actually see or not ? I run my i7 920 at about 3.3 Ghz (167 BCLK)

That's it :D Thx guys !
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  1. No, it won't add much, except maybe a little in benchmarks, but definitely not worth it for the cost. Are you having problems or just getting the upgrade bug?
  2. yeah like I said for some reason I too 1333 and not more popular 1600 and now thinking will it do anything for me ... that's all ... I play games .. I have 4870x2 card so ..gamer
  3. Your memory performance WILL benchmark faster, but memory speed is not really a bottleneck in modern systems. (most important is that you have enough, once that is accomplished, memory speed is a secondary, mostly insignificant issue) That is why when you put faster memory in a PC, you really don't see any difference. You have spent money or you are putting effort into a NON-BOTTLENECK part of the system.
    If you want to do some big overclocking, the 1600mhz memory will give the overhead room without danger of exceeding your memory specs. That is what faster memory is good for.
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    As the others have said, except in benchmarking you will not see a big improvement in upgrading your ram from 1333 to 1600. Here are a couple reviews that you may find helpful:,2325.html
  5. Thx guys your answers and exactly what I was looking for !
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