4870 3 red lights, no display

I just hooked up a brand new build and i cant even get into the bios because when i start it up i get 3 red lights on the back of my HD Radeon 4870, The monitor works fine on my other computer and all my other cpus are old so they have intergrated graphics so i cant test, the psu is 550W, rosewill. Please halp
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  1. Do the lights stay on? They are supposed to flash at POST.
  2. @strangestranger: lol

    ok the lights shouldn´t stay on - i think only one comes on on my 4780x2 then goes off almost immediatley.

    Check the card is in the slot properly - it should snap in
    Check the power cables are properly connected to it
    if not it could be the card is faulty

    Oh and post your entire system specs, just to make sure you´ve got enough power

    Don´t worry though, the worst that will happen is you´ll have to RMA it, which shouldn´t be a problem
  3. The lights indicate certain error messages. All of the lights will flash at post indicating the card has passed its self test. One light each for the power plugs being loose, one light for a temperature fault, and another indication (a fourth light or all of them on at once) indicating a critical core power fault.

    If the lights stay on either the PSU is not powerful enough/broken, or the card is faulty.
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