What is is with abit.com? Need 64-bit Win7 drivers for IX48-GT3

Hi all - I'm having a hard time getting the proper drivers for Windows 7 64-bit. I think the pressing issue would be with the motherboard (Abit IX48-GT3) because the system seems to be working but I don't have audio. I also wonder if everything else is optimal because I'm guessing it might be using generic Microsoft drivers for everything.

Abit.com seems to be an advertising site and searching Google seems to produce a lot of nasty websites offering deals on kit and general advertising instead of giving you drivers.

So, as well as the proper 64-bit Win7 drivers for the motherboard, I'm after general advice on how to get 64-bit drivers for everything from the processor down to my USB2 PCI card!! Is there a good source that you guys use for all your drivers?

Thanks all.

OS; Win7 64bit
Mobo; IX48-GT3
Video; nVidia 8800GTS
CPU; Intel Quad Pro Duo
Drives; SATA
CD/DVD; HP Lightscribe
Memory; 4Gb low latency matched
(Anything else I've forgotten...?)
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  1. Thanks - but they don't appear to have Win7 drivers, 32 OR 64 bit :( :( :(
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